Coffee Filters

by Smart_Uses

coffee filters

Microwave splatter free
Cover bowls or dishes with coffee filters when cooking in the microwave to keep it splatter free.
Clean mirrors & glass
Clean mirrors and glass with coffee filters. Coffee filters are lint free.
Protect good dishes
Protect good dishes by placing coffee filters between each dish.
No cork in wine
If your cork breaks or crumbles in your wine you can filter it through a coffee filter so that no cork pieces end up in your glass.
Recycle frying oil
Recycle frying oil by filtering it through a coffee filter before you store the oil.
Hold tacos
Coffee filters make great taco holders, and wrappers for other messy foods.


Stop soil from leaking
Stop soil from leaking out of potted plants by placing a coffee filter as a liner in the bottom of the pot. The plant can still drain, but you won’t lose soil.

No mess Popsicles
Poke the stick of a Popsicle or other stick based treat through a coffee filter to keep sticky drips off your hands.


Waxing strips
Use strips of coffee filters when you wax your eyebrows.